Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Contest Free Beco Butterfly


Check this site out they are doing a contest for butterfly's if you don't carry your baby this is your chance to do it for free!

Friday, May 16, 2008


So I am having problems with the Home Daycare I run. One of the mother's isn't paying like she should. And is constantly late or making me feel guilty. I told her today that the boys couldn't be back unless she paid before monday. She says she is going to get it to me tomorrow. I don't know if that is going to happen or not. This is why I want a regular job I can count on the money. I am tired of parents not paying for my services, and making me feel like I am taking food out of their kids mouth when I ask for the money. I am applying at some schools for the fall. So we will see.

It's just getting to be to much.

Monday, May 12, 2008

babysitting co-op

So I have started a babysitting co-op for people in the DFW area and the links in my sidebar. Anyone interested may apply. It allows you to exchange watching someones kids for someone watching yours.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A day in the life of a mama

So this week was the last week for swim lessons. Bitty enjoyed them immensely and I am sure she will be disappointed that I didn't get her enrolled in the next class in time so they were full. :( On Tuesday she was so excited about going she rushed into the bathroom to potty before going swimming and either coming down or going up fell off the step stool and onto another step stool infront of the sink. This cause her front tooth to be knocked in and bleeding. I rushed her to the Er after several calls and after waiting three hours found out their machine was broke..SIGH. So Wednesday Dh took her to a pediatric dentist. They looked at her and said it looks good just keep a eye out for it dying, and sent us on our way! YAH! He lip was so swollen it looked like a cantalope but not it seems to have held quite nicely. Of course the moving of that one tooth has caused he speech to have more problems. SIGH The bank totally screwed us and now we have to go to a different bank. SIGH AGAIN. DH is prob going to start working a second job for a few months so that we can get some money saved. Life with the kids and daycare is going ok. Each day is a new challenge, but such is life sometimes. I hoping to have a good time on my birthday in a couple weeks keep your fingers crossed. Again our weekend is jammed packed. We saw "THe Mist" tonight and it was dang scary. The spiders are still making my skin crawl. That's about it for now

The Mama

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Review of the Week - V-Smile Baby

I tried this out with Little man and though he liked the keyboard part of it when it made noise. He doesn't like it at all when it is connected to the tv. As I feel this is the whole reason for the product I feel it was a complete waste of money. I will be returning this product immediately. The shapes don't light up to keep his attention and though my 3 yr old loves the noises it makes the baby doesn't keep entertained. I feel it should have lights and should still make the sounds when it runs through the tv to encourage the baby to press the buttons

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Friday, April 11, 2008


This week has been crazy long. I am so glad it's almost over. One of the kids moms paid late and has caused to be behind in my bills and have things bounce in the bank account. She did finally pay but like 4 days late. I told her never again UGH! It just makes me want to not do it anymore. The same mom got bronchitis last week and sent her kids with it I think and they coughed all over Doug who got it, and than gave it to me. I am just now geting over it. I will see how I feel tomorrow to see if I want to go to the DAM thing this weekend. I don't want to get anyone else sick, but on antibotics for 48 hours now so we will see. We had bad storms here this week and no siren that really irks me and I think they needed to find a way to make it happen just admit they didn't have anyone in the booth. Thank heavens DH woke up and we all crawled into the bath in time. This weekend is going to be a slow one as we have no real plans, I am glad cause we are always going somewhere. I want a weekend I can just sleep in.

Well got to go naps over


The Mama

Monday, April 7, 2008

I know I am going to Jinx myself

Bitty went in the potty all on her own this morning at it was poop! I am still in shock and after such a bad day. I danced and spun her around and every time she goes potty now she says "you are so proud and not sad" Please pray this is a good sign and she will keep it up! Seriously!

Blue Time Monday's

It is already a Monday for sure and it just started. Poor Little Man got smacked in the face by a part of his new toy today and the little ones I watch don't want to morning nap. Bitty has already refused morning breakfast and my throat hurts. DH forgot the deposit this morning and now has to come back at lunch, wasting more gas. And we spent like 150 more this weekend than we should have and now I have to find a way to make it appear. My like is just hell sometimes. Please tell me the day will get better.

The Mama

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The weekend

So this weekend was a mix of ups and downs. It started out simply with DH's check being crap AGAIN. I swear each time he gets paid they take more out, it's frustrating because it is never the same amount. Than Saturday morning he went to get new brake pads and came back to work on the car. Once having the tire off he noticed that a bolt was missing on the caliber mounting plate and this cause the roater to be destroyed. UGH! So I fought firestone for a good hour, and finally they agreed to pay for the damage but it took them til 2 o'clock to get the car done. So we went and checked out this car dealership in Irving (suzuki) who does second chance financing or something. We qualified way high but they tried to lie to us and stick us with a junker. They were as 10,000 for a van that was 6 years old and had almost 100,000 miles on it (which he said had 75,000). On the way over he says "Oh we may have to jump it because I left the lights on?!" WTF? and than I start the thing and it clinky clacks all the way back tot he dealership. And guess what it has no F'In AC? What the hell did he take me for a idiot? I don't know but I am sure not going to by a lemon, especially when I can pay 2000 down and buy a new car. Idiots! I had to than run and finish grocery shopping that I didn't get done on Friday because DH can't seem to get little man to go to sleep at all. I hate when little man cries and cries so I rushed home and didn't finish shopping. We got him some new toys ( a thing made by brighter beginings that lights up and has balls....and a leapster baby thing.) I will write reviews on them in the near future. So this made us home late for when I had to be at the MNI, so I rush around grabbing all my stuff. I am already late and Doug hasn't really had a nap except in the car. Well I get lost and can't find the place and I feel like I will be stuck here forever. Some guy gives me the way and I finally find it after forever. I had fun, but felt flusterd because little man didn't want to sleep or feed or what not. He was just cranky. I think not having his tylenol with me didn't help. We got home a little before 11 and I think I screwed up his sleeping or something cause he was up AALLLLLLLLLL night. I was so exhausted in the morning that I skipped church. When they got home we had lunch and went to the zoo. I swear I see something new everytime we got there. We have annual pass so we take our time. This time we check out the children's side and Bitty rode the pony. Next time we will bring the kids suits and let them play in the water. We had a card game thing at church with our Adult Bible Study group so we rushed home. I cooked our thing we were bringing and than off we went. We just got home a bit ago and got the kids into bed. They were so exhausted from the long weekend.

Review of the Week - Leap Frog Clickstart

This is a great product for anyone looking to have their children learn the beginning abilities of using a computer. We got this for Bitty at Christmas and with the skills she has leaned on it is now using a personal computer with ease. I great way to teach opposites, colors, numbers, letters, and beginning sounds. The mouse is easily controllable for little hands and the instructions are easy enough for any 3 year old or up to understand and follow. I recommended getting a game with it and rechargeable batteries, as it does run through batteries quite fast.

Here is the link


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Monday, March 31, 2008

The zoo

Our trip to the zoo was so fun. We got family passes so we took our time and only did Africa. Here's pics

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Huge Update

I know it's been awhile since I posted here. I couldn't get my account to open. So Little man was born in October. He was 7 weeks early and was in ICU for 5 days. He had a battle with RSV a few months back but is ever growning and health. Bitty is growing like a weed and is our precious 3 year old. I finally got her to potty trained I am very excited about that. DH and I went out for our 5 year wedding anniversary tonight. It was great to have the intimate time together. I am keep a great bunch of kids right now and real pleased with how things are coming together. It's all through God's grace the things we have accomplished since we got together 5 years ago. V is turning into a bright young lady though some of her attitude is speaking of the tween years.

Talk to you more real soon...

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