Friday, April 11, 2008


This week has been crazy long. I am so glad it's almost over. One of the kids moms paid late and has caused to be behind in my bills and have things bounce in the bank account. She did finally pay but like 4 days late. I told her never again UGH! It just makes me want to not do it anymore. The same mom got bronchitis last week and sent her kids with it I think and they coughed all over Doug who got it, and than gave it to me. I am just now geting over it. I will see how I feel tomorrow to see if I want to go to the DAM thing this weekend. I don't want to get anyone else sick, but on antibotics for 48 hours now so we will see. We had bad storms here this week and no siren that really irks me and I think they needed to find a way to make it happen just admit they didn't have anyone in the booth. Thank heavens DH woke up and we all crawled into the bath in time. This weekend is going to be a slow one as we have no real plans, I am glad cause we are always going somewhere. I want a weekend I can just sleep in.

Well got to go naps over


The Mama

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Sarah said...

Get well girl! And enjoy the weekend.

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