Friday, April 18, 2008

A day in the life of a mama

So this week was the last week for swim lessons. Bitty enjoyed them immensely and I am sure she will be disappointed that I didn't get her enrolled in the next class in time so they were full. :( On Tuesday she was so excited about going she rushed into the bathroom to potty before going swimming and either coming down or going up fell off the step stool and onto another step stool infront of the sink. This cause her front tooth to be knocked in and bleeding. I rushed her to the Er after several calls and after waiting three hours found out their machine was broke..SIGH. So Wednesday Dh took her to a pediatric dentist. They looked at her and said it looks good just keep a eye out for it dying, and sent us on our way! YAH! He lip was so swollen it looked like a cantalope but not it seems to have held quite nicely. Of course the moving of that one tooth has caused he speech to have more problems. SIGH The bank totally screwed us and now we have to go to a different bank. SIGH AGAIN. DH is prob going to start working a second job for a few months so that we can get some money saved. Life with the kids and daycare is going ok. Each day is a new challenge, but such is life sometimes. I hoping to have a good time on my birthday in a couple weeks keep your fingers crossed. Again our weekend is jammed packed. We saw "THe Mist" tonight and it was dang scary. The spiders are still making my skin crawl. That's about it for now

The Mama

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