Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Well, bitty is sick again. This time no one seems to know whats wrong. With all the meds her ENT put her on they can't figure out why she would still be so sick? I got the run around yesterday between ENT and pediatrician because both are out of the office til Thursday. I just don't understand all this hoopla. Just figure out the problem and lets move on. I am really already! OH and the allergy doc she got recommended to doesn't have a opening til the middle of March! WOO HOO! NOT! I am so fed up with doctors it's unbelievable.

I wish you well,

The Mama

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Detatching and new babies

Well, I am desperate. The bits has decided that it is in her power to be on my hip at all times. She can walk fully, but knows that if you carry her into the kitchen she can reach higher things. She is totally attached to me wherever I go, and screamed for weeks about space. She would not anything but shredded cheese for weeks, which drove me nuts. She would scream through any store at anytime because she was bored or otherwise. Yes I am one of those moms who has a screaming kid in walmart, because of this we have taken her anywhere except the mall where she can play. It's totally crazy, and now we want to add a little baby to the mix. I am so scared that if we don't gain some detachment from her towards me before the baby she will resent him or her. I am at my wits end. Though since I was sick last week she has now wanted Daddy more, GREAT SIGN!

I have tired to choose my battles, tried putting in her room and letting her calm down, I have tired not giving in and letting her scream, and I still struggle with not yelling at her like my parents did.

OH! On the parent front. My dad and mom are seperating AGAIN! This time though my dad has disowned me and refuses to talk to me. When I tried to call him and talk about it, he had my mom call back and say to not call him that he would call me when he was ready? UH HELLO! Are you a child. I AM YOUR DAUGHTER DAMN IT!!! All this set in motion because of our visit to them before Christmas, and because after days of him treating like shit I blew up at him in a restaurant. Now he has to reevaluate or some stuff.

I am so mad!! Why can't I have loving parents who don't think of just themselves?

The Mama

Monday, February 5, 2007

Our weekend blunders

So our electric bill in the new house is sky high. I call the landlord and tell her for the millionth time that the heat isn't working and now our bill is sky high. We spend 7 hours cleaning expecting her to come by any minute. She doesn't and when TheBee calls she acts suprised. Whatever! We went to first service on Sunday, than had to go home as TheBee caught the sinus bug and was feeling not to well. I am probably going home soon cause I feel like crap. Such is life I guess.

On the bitty home front, she actually slept most of the night. On the floor with all her blankets. TheBee was sleeping on the floor with her when she was having all the teething trouble, so know it's great fun to pull on the blankets onto the floor and sleep all curled up with them in front of dora. And don't dare turn dora off, even if it has no sound or all hell will break loose.

I'll write more later.

The Mama

Friday, February 2, 2007

Sick again

Well the bits and I have a double ear infection, I think. You know moms, they are self diagnosers. I call the doc and he can't get us in til today. I am stuck feeling lousy. This is about the 5th time we have been sick. It passes through the house and than back again. The house is eating us alive with a huge electric bill over 400 dollars. I called the landlord and she is going to come by and check it out in the morning. So keep your fingers crossed we figure something out. It is way to much otherwise. TheBee is now on MRI's every 4 months. So I am way excited. Three years in since surgery! He wants to start school next spring. So keep your fingers crossed for that too!

I wish everyone well,

The Mama
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