Friday, February 2, 2007

Sick again

Well the bits and I have a double ear infection, I think. You know moms, they are self diagnosers. I call the doc and he can't get us in til today. I am stuck feeling lousy. This is about the 5th time we have been sick. It passes through the house and than back again. The house is eating us alive with a huge electric bill over 400 dollars. I called the landlord and she is going to come by and check it out in the morning. So keep your fingers crossed we figure something out. It is way to much otherwise. TheBee is now on MRI's every 4 months. So I am way excited. Three years in since surgery! He wants to start school next spring. So keep your fingers crossed for that too!

I wish everyone well,

The Mama


Her Bad Mother said...

Having children turns your home into a virus factory. I am now sick for, like, the gazillionth time this season. I feel your pain.

Keep well!

The Mama said...


you keep well to!

The Mama

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