Monday, January 29, 2007

Bitty and the Teeth

Toddlers are so interesting. They get fascinated with one thing and stick with it and never relent. Our little bitty has decided that "teeth" is the number one priority. Or brushing teeth to you lamans. I have tried trickery (giving a play toothbrush with no paste and no water, just wetting the brush) to know avail. She will sit at home and every hour say "teeth"..."teeth".."TEETH". Please understand she was premature so her speach is just now starting. At 2 and half she speaks like a 18 mon old. We have her in the therapy but that is aside. Anyway, I speed most of my days in the bathroom at home between the potty and the teeth...and sometimes both. You know the books and docs say "choose your battles". TheBee thinks we should just let her scream about the brush, I think mainly because he is to lazy to get the darn thing. To me something as small as a tooth brush is not such a big deal. Just let her have it. Am I being to guliable? No obession over anything else just the teeth..WEIRD isn't it?



SugarMama said...

My kids went through the same thing, and now that they are older - sometimes it is a battle to get them to brush their teeth. I don't see why not - I say let her enjoy her toothbrush :-)

floweringhana said...
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The Mama said...

I thought I was letting her get over on me, but I guess it's just the age.

The Mama

Mrs. Smile said...

Your blog really is cute. I remember some of these stories when my sister's kids were little. (They are now teenage boys 13 & 10, yikes).

I'm a little late... but I liked "The World we live in" entry and congrats on the clean MRI !!!!

Jenn said...

of all the things for her to fixate on, clean teeth doesn't sound like a problem to me! perhaps once she's had it for a while it will lose its appeal and she'll move on?

either way, the dentist will be thrilled :P

The Mama said...

That's what our dentist says, and I guess it isn't such a big deal but definitely frustrating to have to constantly do it. Especially at 2 am.

Thanks Mrs. Smile we are so excited

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