Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bitty is doing much better now, it turned out that she was just cutting teeth. Such is life I guess. She is staying up all hours, and barely sleeping. I feel like she is a infant again. I go to the OB next monday to try to regulate my cycles. Hopefully he can make magic again. It is so crazy how easy it seems when your a teenager and aren't ready to be a parent. But when you are older it is so hard, and there are all these complications. The Bee and I are getting along wonderfully. It iced here all weekend so we spent most of the weekend lounging. It is so cold outside. But here I am. I am fighting with avon over returns now which totally sucks. I am so at the end of my rope I just don't want to sell anymore. Someone help me before I kill everyone.

The Bee has his MRI and CT tommorrow. Keep your fingers crossed on that. He also has a dentist thing cause his cavaties are causing him headaches again.

Thats all for now

The Mama


Mrs. Smile said...

Beutiful picture of Bitty and Mama!
Is Bee your husband? I will definately be crossing fingers, toes, legs and arms (as well as saying a little prayer) for a clean MRI and scan.
Thanks for your kind sentiments at my site.

Mrs. Smile said...

Sorry... I should have read your other entries first...
Still crossing fingers and toes, on the MRI as well as continued good thought for your husband!

The Mama said...

Thank you so much for both the sentiments. I hate the waiting game. We won't find out anything until Feb. sigh. More waiting.

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