Monday, January 29, 2007

The Bitty adventures and much much more....

Bitty is still not going potty at school, we have tired the firly panties. She basically ran around the house all cute and dancing and than 30 minutes later peed on the floor. BLAH! TheBee's MRI came back absolutely clean!!! I am still trying to get my avon sorted out (YES I SELL AVON, anyone interested or need anything let me know). We are still trying to conceive with no luck, we have a script for fertility drugs but we have decided to wait til April to take them. We should both have a raise than, and so the financial issue should be solved. V is doing great and growing fast, she seems to learn more than I can ever think that I did at her age. I made valetine's baskets for the guys at my work thinking they would eat them up. No suh luck my guys are losers. The has is costing us a fortune cause the windows are way to old and are sucking cold air into the house. In some places it seriously feels like I'm standing outside. It totally bites. So now that I have all the bitching out of my system let's tell you the good stuff.

Bitty is so cute she lights my day. This weekend TheBee went out with her in her little Dora car and they had so much fun! She has a sinus infection so that's keeping her up, but she doesn't care she just keeps on smiling. It is so hard to be upset with her when she smiles. It is like the whole world smiles.

V is so inquistive when we talk on the phone (which is rare) she ask all these questions about the world around her. She is so smart and so good nature. I am so blessed.

TheBee caught a fever from the sunday school nursery but he seemed to be doing fine this morning. I am glad. We go to the dentist on Friday and get all that checked out. Keep your fingers crossed it doesn't cost a fortune.

On another note, does anyone know how to put a link to a post under your profile. I want one that says "The players" or something like that. This way whenever anyone new comes on they can read about us.


The Mama

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