Monday, February 5, 2007

Our weekend blunders

So our electric bill in the new house is sky high. I call the landlord and tell her for the millionth time that the heat isn't working and now our bill is sky high. We spend 7 hours cleaning expecting her to come by any minute. She doesn't and when TheBee calls she acts suprised. Whatever! We went to first service on Sunday, than had to go home as TheBee caught the sinus bug and was feeling not to well. I am probably going home soon cause I feel like crap. Such is life I guess.

On the bitty home front, she actually slept most of the night. On the floor with all her blankets. TheBee was sleeping on the floor with her when she was having all the teething trouble, so know it's great fun to pull on the blankets onto the floor and sleep all curled up with them in front of dora. And don't dare turn dora off, even if it has no sound or all hell will break loose.

I'll write more later.

The Mama

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